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A common myth about acne is that it only troubles teens and adolescents. However, the reality is there are scores of adults who suffer from it as well, leading to psychological, social and even physical effects on the adult who suffers from acne.

If you are visiting this site looking for answers, you probably already know that Acne is a skin condition that commonly starts during adolescence – usually from about ages nine and above. If a person is fortunate, the occurrence of acne usually stops around the age of nineteen. Unfortunately, there are some cases of adult acne that extend well in to the late twenties and beyond. Personally, I suffered from acne until I was around 30 years old and only found relief when I located an excellent dermatologist who treated my acne aggressively with Accutane. Many dermatologists are reluctant to use Accutane because of its tight restrictions and possible heavy side effects (none of which I suffered). Accutane isn’t for everyone and an adult acne can be remedied by trying a variety of methods, not the least of which may be a combination of diet as well as application of creams and ointments. Adult acne cure may vary depending on how severe the cases of acne are in the individuals.

I know where you’re coming from. If you’ve come to this site you are seeking an adult acne cure and are probably very familiar with the signs and symptoms. In fact, you have probably been suffering with them for years. Acne is characterized by oily skin with the presence of whiteheads and black heads, inflamed lesions, red or yellow areas on the skin due to accumulation of pus and acne scars. To put it that way makes it sound as unpleasant as it is but leaves out the most frustrating aspect, that is, adult acne is a chronic condition. Over the counter adult acne cure may work for minor outbreaks, for many cases of acne but are severe cases and may require the attention of a dermatologist or a skin specialist.

Acne scars may require an entirely different adult acne cure as compared to the common adult acne cure for active acne. Acne scars may be seen as dark spots on the face or deep lesions on the way to healing. Please see the Acne Scar section of this site for information on dealing with acne scars.

Treating Acne
Mild to moderate cases of acne usually react positively to an adult acne cure found over the counter. Over the counter creams and ointments usually contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and are among the most popular adult acne cures found on the market. These creams or ointments need to be topically applied on the affected area a few times a day to help control the symptoms of acne. Some adult acne cures thankfully come with a concealer agent that can mask red acne like makeup as well as medicate the affected areas. It is important to keep the area affected with acne clean so chance of infection is limited. But let’s be clear that acne occurrences have nothing to do with cleanliness. That is an old myth, which has been thoroughly scientifically debunked.

Other means of treating severe cases of acne require dermatological prescriptions of anti bacterial medications or even hormone therapy. In some cases women will be put on birth control pills to help regulate hormones. Laser light treatments are also feasible in drying the skin and eliminating the presence of the bacteria that mainly causes the bouts of acne.
Years ago it was mistakenly thought that acne was caused by eating the wrong foods. Chocolate and potatoes chips were prime culprits, but this too has been thoroughly debunked.

Adult acne cure may require several months of treatment to control. Patience is required when treating acne since results may not happen as fast as one might like them to.

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