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Some acne treatment brands are affordable while some others are so costly that you may find them out of your price range. So how much should I be prepared to pay for acne treatments? Many factors go into bringing a skin care product, or any product, to market. Let’s look behind the curtain and break down the cost of acne treatment.

Advertising Costs

Manufacturers of acne treatments know that people seeking a cure for acne desperate enough to pay big dollars to find a cure for their skin problems. Nevertheless, manufacturers of acne treatments try to generate buzz about their products by paying advertising agencies large fees to create demand for their acne treatments. A manufacturer may have the most effective product in the world, but it does no good if no one uses it. Advertising is employed to make sure that the people that are in the market for treatments for acne know about the products available. An effective advertising campaign will be very costly for the manufacture. This cost is passed on to the consumer. The costs of advertising will be reflected in the price of the acne treatments.

The Ingredients
There are many unusual ingredients in skin care and acne treatment products. The more exotic the ingredient, the more a person seeking a cure for their acne can expect to pay.

The skin care market is flooded with exotic ingredients that don’t deliver promised results. Ingredients such as pearl dust and caviar have been debunked as non-effective in recent years.

Another common ingredient is Parabens which are synthetic preservatives used in many products to prolong shelf life, including shampoo, make-up, skin care products and acne treatments.

Consumers should be aware, that Parabens have banned from European markets due to potential links to certain types of cancer. In studies, Parabens have been found entirely intact within breast cancer tumors. The fact that they could survive in a tumor is enough to make me avoid them entirely. Be informed! Read ingredient labels!

Acne treatments that are created using costly, exotic or unusual ingredients will have a higher price than some of the other brands of treatments for acne.

Unusual Skin Care Treatments

Placenta: usually sheep placenta is used because it has been found to have elevated levels of various vitamins and characteristics that can promote healthy complexion.

Snail Serum: Snail slime protects snails from the sun and keeps their skin moisturized and healthy. It is used to moisturize and renew skin as well as protect it from harmful sun rays and free radicals.

Snake Venom: Within the snake species, they are particular families of cobras that produce a neurotoxin venom known to impede nerve impulses and cause paralysis. When applied to skin the resulting effects are similar to Botox

Purchasing Price? Location, Location, Location

The location where the acne treatments are purchased will affect the price of the acne treatments. Obviously, a shop in Beverly Hills will sell more expensive wares than you would find at your local Costco. Many upscale stores will only carry the highest quality brands while general retailers will carry lower quality, lower priced brands that are considered to be affordable to a wider demographic. Most people are actually more attracted to the brands, which are moderately priced due to the fact that they believe that the quality is high enough for their needs.
When it comes to acne treatments, the old adage “you get what you pay for” comes to mind. It makes no sense to spend money on numerous lower-cost acne treatments, when one higher priced one will do the trick.
It does not matter how expensive the acne treatments are if the treatments do not work for you. You should almost expect that you would have to try numerous products until you find the ones that work for you.

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