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Most likely you have found yourself perusing this website because you have suffered for years with the emotional pain and frustration of acne breakouts and the resulting subsequent acne scarring.  The good news is, you are not alone.  So much so that the selling and application of acne scar removal treatments has grown into a multimillion-dollar industry, which now extends far beyond your dermatologist’s office.  It’s a lucrative market into which researchers have invested countless hours and capital in the hope of answering the question of how to help acne sufferers clear up their acne and acne scars forever.
Like other problems that commonly plague people, treatments for acne come in many forms – medication, natural or topical.  I consider acne scar removal part of the entire package of acne treatment.   Obviously, the type of treatment method you choose will depend on your personal preference (including finances), the severity of your symptoms, and the level of damage that acne and acne scarring has caused to your skin.
If you are on this site, I’m sure you can agree.  Suffering with acne is painful physically and emotionally.   That is why I created this site – to give the reader the information and means to help rid their lives of acne forever.

Different Types Of Treatments
Let’s start off by stating the obvious… There are many different types of treatments for scar removal available created by several different manufacturers.
You need to find the one that is right for you.  As I stated above, I created this website for people to be able to make informed decisions.  Here’s my personal experience: I suffered from acne and acne scarring from puberty until I was 30 years old.  I saw dermatologists when I was young and they prescribed for me the standard treatments, which included antibiotics, accompanied with a topical treatment.   This went on for years and the results were minimal to none.  The antibiotics never really seemed to do the trick and the topical ointments served to really make my skin more red and dry.  I suffered the great emotional frustrations that go along with having acne.  I supplemented my treatment with anything I could find that held a hope for clearing my skin and my acne scars – including natural and homeopathic remedies, diet and vitamins.
I was lucky enough to finally find a dermatologist who aggressively treated my acne with Accutane and when appropriate, followed up with chemical peels.   With this approach, apart from the occasional stray pimple, my acne cleared up forever.

I understand that my story isn’t everyone’s story and Accutane isn’t for everyone.  There are heavy restrictions on the drug because of its possible harsh side effects.  A course of Accutane may last 3-6 months or more depending on what your doctor recommends and while on it, you must jump through hoops – register on a website and have monthly blood tests.   One of the more serious side effects is suicide ideation.  Not to minimize that experience, frankly, I think I would suffer more suicide ideation if I didn’t finally find a remedy for my acne!

An acne scar removal treatment can be natural, contain medications, or be a topical solution that modifies the way the facial skin is working to cure the condition.
These creams can target specific areas of the skin for repair, add moisture to the skin, and have specific properties to prevent the recurrence of acne in that area.

The type of treatment method chosen depends on the person’s personal preference, the severity of their symptoms, and the level of damage that acne scarring has caused to the skin.  Price may also be a factor in choosing an acne scar removal treatment as some treatment methods are less expensive than others.

The most typical type of acne scar removal treatment used today is a treatment that contains a medication to stimulate the regeneration of the facial skin in the scarred areas.  These medications are becoming so common that they can now be purchased over the counter at many local pharmacies,  convenience and grocery stores.   With good reason, the stronger medications can only be obtained with a prescription in order to prevent abuse and overuse of the medication.  Armed with the facts, you can take control of your acne treatment, be proactive and find relief.

Natural scar treatments are typically not as strong as prescription medications, but have a reduced risk of side effects which many people believe that are safer for mild to moderate incidences of scar removal.

A natural acne scar removal treatment will most likely contain herbs and minerals found in nature to help regenerate the skin.

Here are some traditional natural acne and Acne Scar Treatments:

Vitamin E is sold in a gel cap, which can be taken orally as well as broken, open and applied on effected areas.  This is more effective on new scars, rather than old acne scars.

Sandalwood and Rosewater paste. This traditional remedy has been used in India, Hawaii and islands of the Pacific for centuries.  Not only does Sandalwood have a pleasant, woody natural fragrance but also possesses many healing properties.   It can be mixed with Rosewater and made into a paste that is applied to the skin for 30 minutes and then rinsed.

Rosehip Seed Oil combats acne scars for many people.  Much like Vitamin E, this natural oil can be applied liberally to acne scars and is also known to fight wrinkles.

Drink LOTS of Water. Most physical problems need to be attacked on all flanks – both inside and out.  Drinking lots of filtered water (1/2 ounce for every pound of body weight) will help your natural healing processes.

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