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Hi there!  Nice to meet you.  My name is Tara D. and I am the owner and proprietor of  DermaRescue.com.  I know that your being here is sort of a bittersweet moment because as much as I am grateful that you have given me the opportunity to share what I have learned about becoming acne and acne-scar free, I’m sure that you are here because you are looking for a remedy to the acne and acne-scar problems that you are most-likely currently facing.

If I can offer you something right off the bat, let me please offer you some hope.  You can AND WILL rid yourself of acne forever – first by being properly informed of your options and then by taking action.
I am speaking from experience.  From the time I reached puberty until I was around 30, I suffered from acne and now I am happy to report to you that, aside from the random rare pimple now and then, my skin is acne-free and the acne scars I once had are imperceptible.

Let this site be your guide to a new acne and acne-scar free life!  Please sign up for updates and contact me with any questions.  Best to you!

Questions or Suggestions: email info@dermarescue.com or contact me here:

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